The Family of White Cannabis Seeds

You will find quite few strains of marijuana that fall under the family umbrella of white. Such strains are very popular due to the amount of resin the plants offer and the high THC levels. Many of them are hybrid seeds, offer consumers the best characteristics from two or more parent strains.

The white coloration of such strains of cannabis seeds are intriguing and very pretty. When you look at them closely, you will often find there are streaks of silver with them, not just white. This is due to the resin crystals forming on the buds and the leaves of these plants. It is the lighting though that makes them look white rather than silver.

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White Marijuana Seeds

With some of the strains of white seeds, they actually sparkle. Consumers have reported the buds and leaves look like they are coated with snow or sugar! There are even those that appear to have small diamonds on them! No matter which of the white marijuana seeds you enjoy the most, you are in for a delightful experience.

White Widow Cannabis Seeds

The first product introduced was White Widow in the early 1990s. It instantly became a huge hit and won top honors including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. It continues to be one of the top selling white pot seed strains of cannabis on the market today. The white ganja seeds aren’t hard to grow and the generous amount of product each plant offers is well worth the effort.

White Widow seeds are also one of the main parents used to create hybrid strains. The wonderful characteristics it offers for plants, the tropical fruit taste, and the hint of spice are very well received by consumers all over the world. If you prefer a skunky smell and taste, you may want to consider White Russian. This is a hybrid between AK 47 and White Widow.