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Citral Marijuana Seeds

A great hybrid of all the cannabis seeds is Citral. The parents of this wonderful strain are Super Skunk and Pakistani. The plants are very strong, and they are easy to grow. The buds are sturdy with a generous yield of resin on them. The smell is lemon and strong. The citrus flavoring is enticing and smooth at the same time. When you buy Citral marijuana seeds, you will also appreciate the fact that they are quite a bit less expensive than others.


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Thc level

Up to 20 %

Indica / Sativa

Indica 75%, Sativa 25%


Indoor / Outdoor

Yield indoor

Up to 425 gram / 15 ounces per sq meter

Yield outdoor

Up to 475 gram / 16.8 ounces per sq meter

Height indoor

Up to 50 cm / 19.7 inch

Height outdoor

Up to 180 cm / 70.9 inch

Flowering time

8 weeks

Harvest month


Grow difficulty


Product Info

Benefits of Citral Cannabis Seeds

We make it fast and easy for you to get these cannabis seeds so you can grow your own plants. The medical value from Citral marijuana seeds are one of the leading reasons why people buy Citral seeds. They also like that they can get a high yield, the product is simple to grow, and the overall investment is very small.

THC Level

Citral offers a THC level between 15% and 20%. With a high yield from each plant, it is the perfect opportunity to get great results. With these cannabis seeds, you will get a high that happens quickly and lasts for several hours. The feeling is going to quickly spread around your body and through your mind.


We realize it is important to remain anonymous and to be private when you buy Citral seeds. Don’t’ worry, we always ship our products fast and in packaging that makes it impossible to know there are cannabis seeds inside. We want you to feel comfortable ordering from us and we always use registered mail for delivery. The mailman isn’t even going to know what your package contains when they bring it to you!

Quality and Affordable Cost

It is a misconception that you can only buy quality cannabis seeds if you pay a great deal of money for them. If you spend too much for Citral marijuana seeds, you are going to be disappointed. If you buy Citral seeds from us, you are going to love the balance. You will get the quality you seek as well as the low cost for them. We offer some of the best prices around for our more than 100 strains of cannabis seeds available.

The quality of our products stems from the master breeders we rely on to create our products. We are very selective about who grows our Citral marijuana seeds as well as all of the other cannabis seeds we offer. We want our reputation to continue being one of the best and that all starts with happy customers. When you buy Citral from us, there is nothing to worry about in terms of the quality.

It makes sense to have the best quality Citral seeds. This ensures that your plants have every chance to grow and to thrive. It also means that you have the opportunity to gain the highest possible yields from your cannabis seeds. We offer a great growing guide that walks you through the steps to get the best possible plants and to offer the best possible conditions for them to grow within.

Indoor or Outdoor Strain

For the best results, you should plant these cannabis seeds indoors. They will be between 50 cm and 60 cm tall when they are ready for harvest. You can also choose to grow them outdoors, which will give you a bit more yield per plant. Your range is going to be between 425 grams per square meter and 500 grams per square meter.

What to Expect

The high you can expect with the use of Citral is one that helps the brain to relax. It is 25% Sativa and 75% Indica. The body is going to start to relax from top to bottom. This is a great strain to use to help reduce pain, to reduce anxiety, and to use at night so you can sleep better.

Excellent Customer Service

We are thrilled to provide you with the opportunity to buy Citral from us! We are here to answer any questions you may have before you order, after you get the cannabis seeds, and any time during the growing process. We can give you advice, tips, and help you to gain the confidence to grow your own product.