AMS XTRM Feminized ®

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Seeds came quickly and have had great success so far! Thank you so much! Terrific company
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AMS XTRM Feminized ®

AMS XTRM Feminized Marijuana Seeds

You aren’t going to be disappointed with AMS XTRM Feminized cannabis seeds. They are designed to offer you the best opportunity for excellence. The quality, the yields they offer from the plants, and the way it tastes all adds up to a great experience you don’t want to pass up. This is an easy plant to grow, and you will save a great deal of money when you buy AMS XTRM Feminized seeds versus you buy the product already grown.

The flavor is unlike anything you have tried before, and other strains of cannabis simply can’t compare to it. The buds are easy to harvest too as the resin is very sticky when it is time to remove it. When you buy AMS XTRM Feminized marijuana seeds from us, you aren’t going to get shortchanged. You have to be careful as there are other companies promoting the product but the quality isn’t the same.


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Thc level

Up to 23 %

Indica / Sativa

Indica 20%, Sativa 80%


Not available

Yield indoor

Up to 400 gram / 14.1 ounces per sq meter

Yield outdoor

Up to 750 gram / 26.5 ounces per sq meter

Height indoor

Up to 110 cm / 43.3 inch

Height outdoor

Up to 170 cm / 66.9 inch

Flowering time

9 To 11 weeks

Harvest month

September / November

Grow difficulty


Product Info

Growing it

You will be happy to learn when it comes to stability, AMS XTRM Feminized seed is high on the list. This means you have fewer variable to think about with the duration of the growth process. You can buy AMS XTRM Feminized seeds and feel good about what the outcome is going to be in just a few short weeks into the future. You may be a bit nervous about growing cannabis seeds if you haven’t done it before. Don’t worry, this is a great one for newbies to get their feet wet with.

As the weeks pass, you will notice the AMS XTRM Feminized marijuana plants develop leaves that are long and dense. The leaves fork out, similar to fingers on a hand. The bud is going to be light green in color. As the time for harvest approaches, it can start to look snow covered due to the white resin. It will be between 9 and 11 weeks from the time you plant these cannabis seeds until the plants are ready for you to reap the wonderful rewards!

While you may be tempted to harvest as soon as the resin appears, be patient. Waiting a few more weeks is important as that is when the AMS XTRM Feminized plants will really start to offer you a high yield of the resin. One thing to keep in mind with these cannabis seeds though is they do need some extra help with the soil. Adding some nutrients and fertilizer during the growth process will help your plants to thrive.

Harvest Expectations of the AMS XTRM Feminized Marijuana Seeds

You don’t need to buy AMS XTRM Feminized seeds in large amounts. This strain has a THC level around 23% so just a small amount of it is going to create a wonderful high. It can be grown indoors with about 400 grams per square meter. If you have an isolated place where you can grow it outdoors though, it can offer about 750 grams per square meter. If you plant outdoors, you need to do so in the early part of fall.

When to Use

Think about how you will use it before you buy AMS XTRM Feminized. Since it will help to give you energy, you want to use the product from these cannabis seeds early in the day. Otherwise, you may have a hard time getting to sleep at night. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, this can help you to accomplish more.

There are numerous other health problems you can consider using AMS XTRM Feminized marijuana seeds for too. It can help to reduce issues with anxiety, ADHD, and ADD. It helps to calm the mind but gives your body more energy. That may be just what you need to get through your day without being distracted or feeling overwhelmed.


AMS XTRM Feminized marijuana seeds just happens to be one of the most in demand forms of cannabis seeds too. However, this also opens the opportunity for scammers to sell you a low quality product and make a huge profit in the meantime. Make sure you know where you buy it and what you get. Our reputation speaks volumes and we are proud to stand behind every single product we offer. We are here to help if you have questions or concerns before you buy AMS XTRM Feminized or even after you have your cannabis seeds in hand.