Afghan Seeds

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Afghan Seeds

Afghan Seeds

You can’t go wrong with Afghan seeds when you have a desire to grow your own cannabis plants. They offer a very good yield and the resin on the buds is easy to remove. It is cost effective to grown your own versus buying it if you plan to use it on a regular basis. You can buy Afghan seeds for a low price from us, but there is nothing lacking when it comes to overall quality!

These types of cannabis seeds are Indica dominant, and they have plenty to offer. Keep in mind, these aren’t the easiest cannabis plants to grow. However, some effort into it and carefully following the directions will ensure you can get it done without incident. It is all worth it when you see those thick buds with the white resin on them when it is time to harvest. You can Afghan seeds knowing in a few short weeks you will be able to have that wonderful smooth and delicious taste too.


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Thc level

Up to 20 %

Indica / Sativa

100% Indica


Indoor / Outdoor

Yield indoor

Up to 425 gram / 15 ounces per sq meter

Yield outdoor

Up to 800 gram / 28.2 ounces per sq meter

Height indoor

Up to 120 cm / 47.2 inch

Height outdoor

Up to 180 cm / 70.9 inch

Flowering time

8 To 9 weeks

Harvest month

September / October

Grow difficulty


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What to Expect

Each type of cannabis seeds will have unique characteristics. With Afghan seeds, you will grow plants that are sturdy and also very stocky. They aren’t vulnerable to disease or pests like many other strains happen to be. The plants are quite bushy so you need to keep that in mind when you create a place for them. They need to have plenty of space between them.

You may decide you would like to narrow it down with the cannabis seeds and get the Afghan Skunk strain. This has been around for decades with no signs of slowing down. It continues to be very popular all over the world and with a wide span of age groups. When you buy Afghan seeds from us, you will quickly see what you have been missing out on all this time!

Easy Purchase and Delivery

We do all we can to make the entire shopping process simple if you want our cannabis seeds. We offer a secure way to process your payment with various options to fit your needs. We send them out quickly but also discreetly. There isn’t any form of advertising on the package that would give an indicator of what happens to be inside. Add to the equate we take pride in offering the best quality product, and there is nothing complicated about it at all from start to finish it will be smooth.

You can enjoy the convenience of shopping for Afghan seeds online at a time that is most convenient for you. There is also your privacy to think about, and it is safeguarded when you order from home. For more than 15 years, we have been a leader in offering many strains of cannabis seeds, and you aren’t going to be disappointed. We encourage you to look at our reputation before you buy them from anyone else.

THC Level

With Afghan seeds, you get a Kush product with about 20% THC. This is going to give you a high that takes place soon after you start to use it. However, you need to ease into it of you haven’t used a product with this level of THC before. Otherwise, it can pack a powerful punch you weren’t quite ready for!  Even though the potency and quality is there, we also take pride in offering great prices. You aren’t going to pay a fortune to buy Afghan seeds from us!

Effects to Expect

With a product from these cannabis seeds, you will notice your problems start to drift away. If you struggle with stress or anxiety, this can be the ideal product to help you feel it melt away. It can also boost your mood which is great for those with depression or mood swings. It can cause dry mouth though so keep some water handy. Don’t use too much of it as that can cause you to feel paranoid rather than relaxed.


You can plant Afghan seeds inside or outdoors depending on your preference. It takes about 9 weeks to be ready to harvest after the cannabis seeds have germinated. It can grow about 120 cm indoors and up to 180 cm outdoors.


A very popular strain of Indica marijuana is Afghan. While it is grown mostly around California, the demand for it is just about everywhere. It offers dense leaves that are dark green in color. Hairs which are bright orange in color start to appear as it gets close to harvest time. The leaves will also begin to turn dark olive green. The resin is going to generously coat the leaves with a thick, chunky appearance.

Afghan THC Level

Depending on the product, you can expect a THC level ranging from 15% to 21% with the Afghan cannabis strain. The buzz will come on very quickly and it can pack a punch! The buzz allows the mind and body to relax. It is a good idea to use it when you don’t have anything else to do. Many users reserve Afghan at night to help them relax and unwind.

What does Afghan Taste and Smell Like?

With Afghan, you will enjoy a sweet smell and a fruity taste. A hint of both honey and berries will be part of that taste. It also has an Earthy smell to it but at the same time it is sour. You may pick up some hash with the smell of it too. Many users of Afghan appreciate that it isn’t overpowering in regard to either the taste or the smell.

Reasons People Commonly use Afghan Marijuana Seeds

The Afghan cannabis strain is very popular due to the various of uses it can offer. Some of the common reasons it is used include:

  • Controlling chronic pain and headaches
  • Improves mood
  • Reducing symptoms of depression
  • Reducing nausea
  • Relaxation


Tips for Growing Afghan Cannabis

It isn’t difficult to grow your own Afghan marijuana plants. They can be grown in the house or outside, depending on which you would rather take part in. Since they are only about 2 feet tall when fully mature, it is easy to hide these plants outside and they don’t take up an abundance of room in your home. They are easy to grow, making them a good choice for new growers and for those that don’t want to spend a great deal of time tending to their cannabis plants.

The other aspect of growing Afghan that is encouraging is the plants do well in a wide range of climates. Regardless of where you live, there is no reason why you can’t be successful with such plants. They aren’t prone to developing common problems such as:

  • Insects
  • Mildew
  • Mold


As a result, you don’t have to be disappointed that such ailments destroyed part or all of your Afghan cannabis growth! It takes between 8 and 10 weeks for the plants to grow after the seeds have been successfully germinated. Healthy plants can offer up to 14 ounces per plant. To help you get the highest yield, be on the lookout for any yellow leaves. Remove them immediate from your plants as they will take vital nutrients from them.

This is a good plant to grow because it can thrive with many variables taking place. You don’t have to be worried about doing this or doing that in order to get them to grow. The harvest is also easy to complete thanks to the thick, sticky resin they create. Take your time to select top quality Afghan seeds so your plants can offer you a wonderful yield every single time!