Afghan Feminized

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Afghan Feminized

Afghan Feminized

One of the best-known strains of cannabis seeds are the Afghan Feminized. They are found around the world, and most people will tell you they have used this form of cannabis at some point. It is either used alone or it is part of hybrid. It is a very common parent used due to the wonderful qualities it offers and how simple it is to grow it. The plants tend to grow very strong and produce plenty. All of this is encouraging people to buy Afghan Feminized seeds and grow their own plants.


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Thc level

Up to 20 %

Indica / Sativa

100% Indica


Indoor / Outdoor

Yield indoor

Up to 350 gram / 12.3 ounces per sq meter

Yield outdoor

Up to 525 gram / 18.5 ounces per sq meter

Height indoor

Up to 60 cm / 23.6 inch

Height outdoor

Up to 200 cm / 78.7 inch

Flowering time

8 To 9 weeks

Harvest month

September / October

Grow difficulty


Product Info

Easy to Grow

If you are interested cannabis seeds that make it simple to get successful results, go with Afghan Feminized seeds. The plants are very durable and they aren’t going to have problems with weak roots or not germinating. They are also very resistant to pests which can damage other crops of cannabis products if you don’t know how to properly prevent them from getting to your products. Afghan Feminized plants have been around for decades with no sign of slowing down.

What to Expect

With Afghan Feminized plants, you benefit from a 100% Indica strain. This type of product is going to help you to relax and feel happy. It is an excellent choice to reduce anxiety and to reduce symptoms of depression. Your body will feel relaxed but you aren’t going to be couch locked with it either.

Many consumers buy Afghan Feminized seeds to grow plants so they can use the cannabis for medicinal needs. This can include reducing pain or reducing stress. If you are undergoing various medical treatments, it can help to reduce nausea as a side effect. Our cannabis seeds are top notch, and you aren’t going to be disappointed. Buy Afghan Feminized seeds from us so you can start to have the great product you want without hassles when it comes to growing or harvesting it.