Check out Regular Cannabis Seeds

There are plenty of regular seeds out there to choose from. They can be inexpensive, but make sure the quality is going to be there. It isn’t worth the time or the money invested to grow these regular ganja seeds if they don’t have much of a chance to thrive from the moment you plant them. Verify the breeder and what they are known to deliver. Stick with an entity that has proven they are dedicated to overall quality for regular marijuana seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds are going to cost you more than regular ones, so going this route you can save some money along the way. There is a misconception that regular seeds can be difficult to grow. That doesn’t have to be the case at all. It really depends on the strain so do your homework to verify you have the skills and best practices in place to tackle the growing process.

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What do Regular Seeds Offer?

With regular marijuana seeds, you get a mixture of both male and female seeds. These pot seeds are quite forgiving when it comes to the growing operation. They are still going to grow if you don’t have the right pH level in the soil. Regular weed seeds are still going to grow if you don’t get it quite right with the amount of water or the amount of light they are exposed to. However, you do need to remove the male plants so they can’t fertilize your females. If you want to generate your own seeds for future use, you can allow some of them to do so.

Ratio of Male to Female Cannabis Seeds

While there is a 50/50 chance about the gender of your cannabis plants, that isn’t always the case. You may find you have 70% male and 30% female with some crops of seeds. You can also find it to be the other way around. Since all of the regular seeds can look identical, you can’t tell from them what the gender is going to be. With that in mind, you should plant some extra marijuana seeds to compensate for the males you need to remove once you can identify that gender.

Value of Regular Marijuana Seeds

The odds of you getting all male seeds and not having anything to work with is next to nothing! You have a better chance of winning the lottery jackpot! Regular cannabis seeds do have value and they can offer you a wonderful crop of great resin on the plants. They don’t get as much recognition as they should though. The spotlight tends to be on feminized seeds and hybrid seeds. Remember, the quality of what is offered stems from the seed bank where you purchase them. Verify they have an excellent reputation for what they offer. Try to locate reviews from happy customers who have grown a crop or two using what that particular provider has to offer.