Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Plenty of outdoor marijuana seeds that can be successfully grown. There are variables you can’t control though such as the amount of sunlight, the moisture, wind, hail, and humidity. This is why you should look for outdoor seeds that do well in a variety of conditions. You don’t want your plants to be destroyed by Mother Nature or the amount of resin diminished due to conditions beyond your control.

Make sure you place your outdoor cannabis seeds in a location where they can be easily hid. You don’t want to get into trouble if you grow them illegally in your area or having others stealing your crops either. If you blend them in with herbs and plants that will grow about the same height as your cannabis plants, it is easier for them to blend in and go unnoticed. Never grow them on someone else’s property as that can get you into a great deal of legal trouble.

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Soil and pH Level Needed for Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Some outdoor pot seeds will be able to grow in just about any type of soil. It doesn’t matter if it is filled with nutrients or it something weeds tend to grow in. Others need the right pH level in order to ensure they can thrive. You will need to test the soil and then add various nutrients to keep everything balanced. Start out with easy to grow plants so you can get the hang of the process. Hold out for those that are more difficult until you have some experience to work from.

Odors of Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Even if you can get your outdoor weed seeds to blend in with the surroundings, there are some with very high odors. They include the Skunk and the Kush strains. Those odors can be a giveaway that you are growing cannabis plants. If the wind blows a certain direction, it is going to allow everyone in the neighborhood to know about it. If your grow is illegal, you may get law enforcement called on you.

Water Matters for Outdoors Weed Seeds

Depending on where you reside and the types of cannabis plants you grow, water may not be something you have to worry about. Mother Nature may offer enough of it to help them grow successfully. However, if it isn’t raining enough you may need to go out there with water. Be sure to not drench the plants, but you do want the soil to be moist.

Growing Conditions for the Best Outdoor Plants

Find outdoor ganja seeds that grow well in your area and your type of climate. This will encourage the plants to grow. It will make it much easier for you to get results too. Avoid growing those that don’t do well in your conditions as you will struggle with them and your yield per plant won’t be as much as it could be.