Hybrid seeds

All About Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

The demand for cannabis products continues to grow. However, consumers aren’t satisfied with just anything! They want exceptional strains offering them a delicious taste and potency. They want an effective high and they also want cannabis seeds that are simple enough to grow on their own. Taking the best characterizes of two or more strains and combining them is what hybrid strains are all about.

Many of these hybrid cannabis seeds are the result of careful planning, plenty of testing, and tweaking them until they got it right. There is a genetic element behind the scenes that is complex and amazing at the same time. There is plenty of science in the mix, and that is why you will pay more for hybrid cannabis seeds. Yet they are definitely worth the cost!

Hybrid marijuana seeds continue to be introduced all the time. There are also updates and improvements to current hybrid strains on the market. It really is a dream come true for consumers as they have demanded it and they are getting access to such items! All hybrids are man-made creations. There are both Indica and Sativa strains available.

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Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Remember those genetic lessons from school? The lessons about dominant and recessive genes? All of that plays a role in the creation of the four hybrid strains. These are the possible scenarios: Two Sativa strains
Two Indica strains
Sativa dominant with an Indica strain
Indica dominant with a Sativa strain

Creating New Hybrid Pot Strains

When you consider all of the strains of cannabis on the market today, the possibilities for hybrids are unlimited. There is also a far more complex mixes where there are at least three parents involved rather than just two. The breeding process to create a hybrid involves the female plant being pollinated by the selected male plant. The breeding takes place is a controlled environment.

Any hybrid weed seeds that are generated from this process are considered as the 1st generation. Then the plants that have the best results and the best parental characteristics will be bred with each other. This will continue until the breeder feels they have it perfected and they refer to this as their cube strain. This is to reinforce the characteristics they want this hybrid strain to offer.

Wild Hybrid Ganja Seed Strains

The term landrace cannabis strains are considered to be wild. Such strains have been able to create themselves in the wild without any human interference or involvement. There are also Ruderalis which are low in THC. For the product to be considered a true hybrid, it must be genetically controlled by humans. The first such strain is known as Skunk. It continues to be a very popular cannabis strain all around the world today.

Controlled Characteristics

A great deal of research is conducted on the parents before any decisions are made regarding the hybrids and what will be pulled from each of them. One of the main goals is to create a high THC or high CBD strain. The size of the plants has to be evaluated and some of these hybrids will be bushy and short while others will be tall and slender.

Hybrid seeds of cannabis are going to be autoflowering. This is because they have all been crossed with some type of Ruderalis as a parent along the line of creating it. This means your plants aren’t going to require a certain amount of sunlight in order for them to thrive. Hybrids tend to be high in resin and high in essential oils that can be extracted from the plants. The yield per plant will be determined by the parents involved in that strain.

Diversity of Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Do your homework when it comes to hybrid strains as there is plenty of diversity among them. Look for a strain that is easy to grow and that doesn’t seem to struggle with pests or diseases. You want to make the process as easy on yourself as you can. Some of the so called hybrid seeds out there are merely clones. They aren’t going to offer you the same value and quality when all is said and done.

Make sure you only purchase hybrid pot seeds from a provider that has protocols in place that verify the quality of the products. The genetics should be easy to identify because they have been isolated and very specifically pulled from the parents involved.