Feminized seeds

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

As the name indicates, feminized cannabis seeds refers to those plants which are female in gender. Only the females can produce the flowers that consumers want and that they look for. The role of the male plants is to provide the pollination to fertilize the female plants. The reason so many people rely on feminized seeds is they only have the genetics for the females within them. This has been possible through selective genetic processing and selective breeding.  This increases efficiency in the grow, and makes an easier, more streamlined oversight process.

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Male and Female Plants

When natural pollination takes place for the cannabis plants, the seeds can be either male or female. The role of specific techniques for breeding is to influence those seeds to be female. By nature, there is going to be about 50% male and female to keep things in a natural balance. This is what those cultivating standard seeds have to work with.

Given the fact that you can change what you have, this isn’t the best route to take! You don’t want to have to throughout half of your plants! Instead, with feminized ganja seeds, you can keep them all. That is a wise return on your investment. While it is going to cost you a bit more to obtain those female seeds, it is well worth it!

Another option some people have is to plant double the amount of plants they wish to harvest. Then they toss out the male ones. That sure is a waste of time, space, nutrients, and money. Focusing on getting the feminized pot seeds from the start is going to cost you less than getting rid of half your plants once you determine them to be the male species.

Benefits of Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Without a doubt, there are quite a few benefits with the use of feminized marijuana seeds. There isn’t any guessing and they tend to germinate easier. This is going to help you get the process of growing your plants underway with terrific results. Being efficient is key to growing your own cannabis plants. It doesn’t matter if you will harvest them for medical purposes or for recreational use.

Many of the areas that allow growing your own do have limitations on the number of plants you can have. Making sure they are all female will help you to stay in compliance. At the same time, it will help you to ensure you get the yield from your crops that you need. When you try to have male and female plants growing in close proximity, it is a recipe for disaster!

Once the females have been fertilized by the males, the plant will focus on creating more seeds. It isn’t going to generate the flowers or the buds, thus, there won’t be anything for you to harvest from those plants! Feminized cannabis seeds are going to start to flower in about 2 to 4 weeks. They are easier to grow too as they don’t require the specific light/dark in order to be able to thrive.

Methods Used

There is no question feminized weed seeds are the solution! There are several methods used to create them. No matter which method is used it can be a time consuming process. The understanding of genetics and the right equipment will influence that process. This is why you are going to pay more for those seeds.

The quality of the seeds often depends on the method used to create them. Take some time to learn about the method a provider uses and their overall reputation. You only want the best quality feminized marijuana seeds to grow your plants from. There are several wonderful strains you may wish to consider planting.