Sativa seeds

Sativa Seeds : A Buyers Guide

The Sativa cannabis strains were originally grown in the tropical and sub tropic regions. This includes areas of Asia, Africa, South America, and Central America. There are numerous variations including hybrids. The characteristics of each strain allow them to offer consumers something very specific. It is a personal preference if you want a strain that is environmentally created of the result of humans manipulating the breeding process.

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Sativa plants are very tall and they have leaves that are thin but large. They need lots of room to grow both for width and for height. It can take between 10 and 20 weeks for them to flower. The timeframe depends on the type of cannabis plant as well as the growing conditions. It can be hard for those new to growing their own plants to do well with this type. This is due to the amount of sunlight they require.

For indoor growing, it is easier to set it up for the correct amounts of light and darkness for them to thrive. It is important to spend time identifying the best conditions and steps for a given Sativa strain before you get started. Deciding on sativa seeds for sale can offer many possibilities. This will help to ensure your seeds are able to do well and you aren’t going to be disappointed in the end. Sativa strains are often used during the day as they can give someone energy and help to improve mood.

The Effects of Sativa Cannabis

It is that uplifting high that often gets people interested in using Sativa strains. This is your feel good kind of product. The type of high, how long it will last, and how suddenly it comes all depends on the specific strain being used. The quality of the marijuana also will influence the high. Many people find using Sativa cannabis makes it easier for them to enjoy socializing. It can also help them to feel inspired. It isn’t uncommon for artists to use this type of cannabis to help them reach their creative side.

It is important to understand there are also types of Sativa cannabis that can cause paranoia or high levels of anxiety. It is important to find out what each offers before you make your selection. Some of them are highly recommended for battling depression, eating disorders, and various medical needs. This is not the type of strain if to use if you need to reduce anxiety or you are struggling with insomnia. You will need Indica strains for those needs. Almost all Sativas are going to be higher in THC than Indicas.

Hybrids or Pure Strains of Sativa?

Over time, creating the prefect Sativa strains has become very important. The hybrids involve taking the best traits of two or more parents and combining them. This is a complex process that develops over time. The result is a very good quality product that can offer amazing benefits. Some of the common Sativa hybrid seeds to consider include:

  • Colombian Red
  • Golden Tiger
  • Meao Thai
  • Malawi
  • Zamaldelicia